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Simplify and secure transactions with our versatile payment platform. The bridge to a seamless payment experience for your customers. With over 40,000 payment channels.

About Techpay

Techpay is a product of Techwave Technologies Corporation started in the year 2021, a payment platform that allows customers to pay for their goods and services via different payment channels from a merchant.
It enables merchants—businesses or government institutions—to accept money via different online payment methods ranging from credit cards, debit ATM cards, non-bank over-counter payments and e-Wallet payments.
The base for the platform and ability to connect to the various payment channels will be through our Technology Partners. This will enable Techpay to collect payments from more than 40,000 payment channels.
Techpay is a registered Operator of a Payment System (OPS), subject to the applicable provisions of law and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas rules and regulations.
OPS Registration No. OPS-202105-0006​​

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Make Your Online Business Successful with Techpay

Fast and Secure Payments and Payout

Enables ease of transactions for customers - enabling more people to be able to transact electronically

Scan-to-pay QR Codes

Techpay generates a unique QR code for every transaction that can be scanned to easily pay a fixed amount. Merchants can have a single QR code that unifies all types of payments for online payments and have their very own customizable checkout page

Easily Assess Your Business Performance

Our APIs and Client Dashboard will give you better insights about your business activities and generate extensive reports about your customer life cycle.

24/7 Customer Support

Our Support Team will provide an excellent support service to our valued clients all day.

Payment Channels

Get easy access to more real-time payment channels!

Online Banking

Payments via direct debit from the deposit accounts of our partner banks and via QR Ph.
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Collect payments through any of our partners with over 40,000 payment counters.


Techpay will provide your merchants access to e-wallet payments and can generate QR codes.

Card Payment

Techpay will provide merchants the ability to collect payments from VISA, Mastercard, JBC, and AMEX.